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  •   ├C..c..conditions?─ I asked. She ignored me as photographs were taken from all sides against the grids.├I would remind you, 0258223, that it is an offence, under the 2008 Purity Law, to be unduly aroused by any person, image or stimulus other than one provided by your legal partner for the purpose of procreation. Right,─ she turned behind her, ├show him the film.A screen, about four feet in front of me, suddenly sprang to life. A naked brunette girl was lying on her back she was well-developed with long brown hair; large, erect and reddish brown nipples; and a wild bush of dark hair between her legs. She ran her fingers around her nipples and seemed to look directly at me. Her hand then ran down her sides and towards her hairy thatch. As her forefinger stroked the lips of her cunt I felt myself becoming erect. The cameras around my prick began to flash. Meanwhile, on the screen, the girl was pushing her finger deep into her cunt whilst still cupping her left breast. As she withdrew he Rape Pictures r sticky finger and put it to her mouth I felt my dick reaching bursting point and still the cameras clicked. I quickly glanced down and, not without some pride, noticed that my prick (that had originally only reached as far as the line numbered 10) had now passed a yellow line and was into the red coloured squares on 32. The foreskin was fully retracted and the end, a deep shiny purple, was literally shining in the bright lights.Back on the screen a man had appeared and was standing between her legs with an enormous erection inches away from the lips of her now glistening cunt.├Okay,─ said the sergeant, ├Turn it off.─ The screen went blank and I was pulled back from the partition yelping as my now swollen balls and prick were forced back through the hole with me the hood catching on the edge of the gap and scraping painfully along the most sensitive part of my penis.
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    Rape Pictures ├You think that hurt,─ it was Carver again, ├You ain┬t felt anything yet!├W..w..what┬s going to happen?─ I stuttered. Once again I was totally ignored. It was the sergeant who spoke next, ├Right get it bagged and we┬ll have him before the judge Josie came over and bent down to my feet, blocking off my view of what she was doing, her hand lifted my right foot off the floor, replaced it and then did the same for my left. I felt a piece of cloth being pulled up my legs and realised she was dressing me. Before I had time to breathe a sigh of relief I saw that the ├clothing─ was little more than a black pouch it barely covered my still swollen prick that was roughly pushed into the bag. Undo his elbows,─ the Sergeant instructed. Josie moved behind me and I felt my arms being released. Suddenly I was free my hand shot round to cover my privates. Huh,─ said Carver, ├Waste of time doing that we┬ve got all the pictures we need for the Judge. Bring him through. osie pushed me towards a heavi Rape Pictures

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