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  •   ith the angle she was rocking on him she was also rubbing her clit against his body. She came hard and long against him as she came she leaned forward and rested her head on his chest. He grabbed her hips and pushed his cock into her with long deep strokes. Her orgasm faded and began again. He reached up and twisted her nipple as he fucked her long and slow. He felt his balls tighten and he came deep inside her wet pussy. drunk rape I was sitting in my room curtains drawn only the faint light of the computer lighting up my face. I had a look of extreme concentration about me as I looked at the images in front of me.Naked women were spread-eagled on medieval-looking contraptions nothing was left to the imagination. As I clicked the mouse and images changed there was a growing wet patch on the front of my lightweight trousers just above the growing bulge. I knew it was wrong. I knew of the new laws brought out by the strictly Puritan regime. I knew that if I was caught looking at pornography I would be made to pay. I knew the consequences. But I couldnĀt stop myself.IĀd heard that the Government had a new kind of spy system that tracked peopleĀs internet use but felt that, so long as I never used my national card number to actually pay for anything, I could never be traced.I was wrong. Even as I got warmer and my left hand slipped to my groin the Purity Brigade was moving. As my hand closed around my growing c
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